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Hopping Back To The Future 3D

video del 14 luglio 2014 - visto 3.924 volte The film, created using up-to-date and sophisticated 3D animation techniques, tells the life story of a smart cartoon cricket that starts his own agricultural business and miniature farm. The story, which begins in 1955, follows the cricket 'farmer' through the ages, following his journey as he comes face-to-face with evolving tractor generations. From x-ply tires, through to upgraded tractors equipped with radial technology tires; the cricket must learn how to survive and work alongside these new technologies. 'Hopping' to the nineties, we see the cricket take a ride on a high-speed modern tractor, enjoying premium comfort and efficiency as he travels along the road on Trelleborg XL tires. Finally, the cricket finds himself back in the present day, with his farm surrounded by sustainable agricultural cultivations and technologies. the movie is available also in 2D

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