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Italmix Triplex

Italmix Triplex

Mixer feeders of the series DUPLEX and TRIPLEX have been specially planned to operate in small and middle sized farms which have very low and/or narrow ways. These machines are perfect for processing ensiled products, but this does not bar the loading of long products too. Thanks to The series EASY and EASY TWIN, equipped with one and two vertical augers respectively, are very simple machines from the construc- the small power absorption they can be used with tractors of average power. They are very easy tion point of view and without chassis, but very strong at the same time, suitable for working in small or medium farms which want to machines from the construction point of view and need therefore a minimal maintenance. They join the convenience and the comfort to have a mixer wagon to a shrewd administration of the expenses. These machines have been grant an ef cient cutting and a very fast mixing.


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