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Value and lifetime

In this window you can change the value (purchase value) of the machine, its physical lifetime (hours of useful operation), economic lifetime (the number of years before the machine becomes obsolete and needs to be replaced for technical, economic or legal reasons), and residual value (the value of the machine at the end of its economic lifetime). Residual value can be increased by replacing the machine before it wears out and before the end of its economic lifetime. The figures entered in these fields determine Quota repaid of financed capital Qrep, Quota returned to own capital Qret and Quota for interest on own capital Qint.


This window defines the payment method used to determine the quota repaid on finance or the quota returned to own capital. The system applies finance repayment methods to borrowed capital. In the case of purchases on finance, economic lifetime is identical to the duration of the finance agreement. If only part of the invested capital is your own, i.e. from your own business, this part is returned according to a procedure that applies a different, lower interest rate than that applied to finance repayments. If all invested capital comes from your business, the system calculates a linear rate of return which, compared to finance rates, benefits the business at the time of replacement of the machine. The quote for interest applies only to your business' own money. The figures entered in these fields determine Quota repaid of financed capital Qrep, Quota returned to own capital Qret and Quota for interest on own capital Qint.


This item determines the cost of insurance against fire, theft, etc., but not third party insurance, which is included under Management and Taxes. You can enter the value of the entire premium if the policy applies only to the machine in question, or enter a proportion of the premium in the case of multi-risk business policies. If no insurance policies have been stipulated (self-insurance is taken for granted), the system determines the Quota for insurance as a percentage of the mean value of the machine. The values entered in these fields determine Quota for insurance Qins.


To determine the cost of storage for the machine, the system proposes two possible solutions: own building or rented building. If you rent the building used for storage, enter the annual rent for the entire building and the total floor space. If the building is owned by your business, the system calculates unit cost. If you have the exact details, enter them in the relevant fields. The values entered in these fields determine Quota for storage Qsto.

Management and taxes

In this window you can enter and change the costs incurred for special permits to drive on public roads, the cost of third party insurance and the quota of management and accounting costs attributable to the machine. The values entered in these fields determine Quota for permits, taxes, management and accounting Qtax.


This item calculates the labour necessary to keep the machine in good repair (cleaning, lubrication, topping up, checking, etc.). The cost of consumables (grease, fuel, twine, netting, etc.) can be found under Other costs. The values entered in these fields determine Hourly cost of maintenance Cmaint.


This item considers the cost of reduced efficiency caused by normal wear and by accidents. It includes the cost of labour and the cost of parts replacement. The system determines the hourly cost of repairs as a percentage of the machine's initial value, divided by its physical lifetime. The values entered in these fields determine Hourly cost of repairs Crep.


The system calculates the cost of fuel (diesel) consumption on the basis of power, engine load, and specific consumption and fuel price. It calculates the cost of lubricant on the basis of rated power, specific consumption and price. The system is designed only to calculate costs for diesel engines. The values entered in these fields determine Hourly cost of fuel for engine driven machines Cfuel and Hourly cost of lubricant for engine driven machines Club.


Engine load expresses the average engine power used during operations. In general this is above 70% for self-propelled machines and tractors involved in field work and transport, but it is lower in other cases (you can enter values between 20% and 100%).


Specific consumption varies according to the technology, age and state of maintenance of the engine. We recommend that you enter an average value between 2 and 8 g/kWh.

Other costs

This item lets you enter a cost for the hourly consumption of consumables like grease for lubrication, twine for a baler, plastic film for a mulcher, etc. or other costs incurred for the operations performed. The values entered in these fields determine Hourly cost of other variable costs Cvar.

Valpadana VP3680 GE

Valpadana VP3680 GE

Horsepower: 54.50 kW
Transmission type: mechanical
Traction wheels: 4
Operator protection: arch

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Brand and type

Perkins 1104D-44


54.50 kW ( 74.10 CV) ( 73.08 HP)

Power type


Standard used for power

ISO/TR 14396

Emission control, reference standard

Tier 3

Power system


Type of injection


Reservoir capacity

40.00 l

Transmission type


Forward/reverse speeds




mechanical, with oil-bath multiple discs

Drive take-off
Type of DTO


DTO rated speed



Hydraulic lift
Rear hydraulic lift capacity

2,600 kg

Type of rear brakes

multidisc oil-bath

Suspension and steering
Traction wheels


Front tyres

260/70 R16

Rear tyres

14.9 LR20

Driver's seat
Operator protection


Dimensions and weights

2,650.00 kg


4.010 m ( 401.000 cm) ( 4,010.000 mm)


1.410 m ( 141.000 cm) ( 1,410.000 mm)


2.150 m ( 215.000 cm) ( 2,150.000 mm)

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