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Kuhn Multi Master 183 5 OL NSH

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Coupling to the self-propelled machine: trailed
Number of shares: 5.0 n.
Type of plough: with double or reversible moldboard
Width of cut: 30.0 cm - 40.0 cm - 45.0 cm - 50.0 cm
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Product presentation

  • General
  • Type of plough
    with double or reversible moldboard
  • Connection to the self-propelled machine
  • Coupling to the self-propelled machine
  • Power required by the tractor
    148.57 kW 199.232 HP201.996 CV 202.26 kW 271.231 HP274.993 CV
  • Processing implements
  • Number of shares Minimum - Maximum
  • Implements
  • Protective device
    NSH non stop hidraulic
  • Dimensions and weights
  • Operating width
    1.5 m 150.0 cm1500.0 mm 2.5 m 250.0 cm2500.0 mm
  • Weight
    2230.0 kg 22.3 q2.23 t
  • Working depth
    0.15 m 15.0 cm150.0 mm 0.3 m 30.0 cm300.0 mm
  • Width of cut
    30.0 cm 300.0 mm0.3 m11.811 in 40.0 cm 400.0 mm0.4 m15.748 in 45.0 cm 450.0 mm0.45 m17.717 in 50.0 cm 500.0 mm0.5 m19.685 in
  • Distance between bodies Minimum - Maximum
    96.0 cm 960.0 mm0.96 m37.795 in
  • Ground clearance Minimum - Maximum
    800.0 mm 80.0 cm0.8 m31.496 in

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  • value of 10,000
  • usage of 200 hours




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