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Vaderstad Carrier e Carrier X

Vaderstad Carrier e Carrier X
The Vaderstad Carrier is a multipurpose disc cultivator with an enormous range of capabilities: stubble cultivation and drilling, seedbed preparation, soil deconsolidation, straw harrowing and furrow levelling, as well as seeding of small seeds or cover-crop type. It remarkably reduces consumption and has very low maintenance costs. The Carrier range includes trailed models whose width ranges between 3 and 4 m and between 4.25 and 6.25 m with "X" disc position, hence the name "Carrier X". Towed implements from 3 to 12.25 m are available as well. Working components are 450-mm toothed tapered discs placed along two rows, with 12.5 cm inter-row distance and max. working depth of 10 cm that can be hydraulically adjusted. After the discs, a 550 or 600 mm steel or rubber packer roller consolidates and makes the soil compact, while adjusting the working depth at the same time. The ball bearings connecting the packer roller to the axle are wrapped by a strong rubber shock absorber; no maintenance is required, bearing lubrication excluded.


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