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Macgest - Trattori e macchine agricole, con un click

Press area, the agricultural machine portal.

In-depth information for journalists and bloggers

Important dates

June 19-20th, '14 "Vote the Tractor" during Enovitis in campo, in collaboration with Macgest
February 15th, '14 Macgest and Tractorum: partnership renewal
November 12-16th, '13 Live reportage during Agritechnica (Hanover, Germany)
March 21st, '13 Macgest and Tractorum: news and forum on farm equipment
November 7-11, '12 Image Line, media partner of EIMA International
28 June 2012 Launch of the new Macgest portal
28 June 2012 Opening of Google+ page dedicated to Macgest
5 June 2012 Preview publication of new Macgest portal
17 May 2012 Research presentation: "10 to-do per il dealer dell'agrimeccanica sul web"
13 November 2011 Live Twitter-reporting from Agritechnica in Hannover on
12 May 2011 "Macchine agricole, cosa cerca chi acquista" research presented at the TAO,
Tractor Agricultural Observatory (Verona, organised by Quintegia)
23 December 2010 Macgest's YouTube video channel online [news - link]
10 November 2010 The hourly agricultural machine cost calculation tool
is on the home page of the EIMA site,
at the service of visitors to the site of the international show
17 March 2009 First version of [news]
14 November 2008

Macgest-preview: hourly agricultural machine cost calculation tool online

[online service - news]

All articles in the links above can be used by the press and blogs for their articles/posts simply by citing as the source.


Press release, 28 June 2012


Agricultural machines: starts from scratch (plus 15)

From tractors to processing equipment, more than 10,000 machines and two online services for agricultural operators and contractors The agricultural operators, sub-contractors and all who use, purchase or study agricultural machines have a new tool:, the new version of which was published in June 2012.

Self-propelled machines, pulse vegetable harvesting, protection and weed killing, fertilising, hay-making, planting and transplanting, soil processing, additional processing, self-propelled implements, zootechnics, tobacco and vegetable harvesters, fruit & grape harvesting, irrigation, transport and handling, greenery maintenance: fifteen sections for the same number of agricultural machine categories. The database, which can be accessed via web after completing a simple free registration process has been online since March 2007. Over the years, the staff of Image Line who are responsible for constantly updating the information and means for communicating it have listened to the views of manufacturers, dealers and users to create the new Macgest.

[continue reading the press release here]

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