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Annovi F.lli Vigneto A

F.lli Annovi is the leading Italian manure spreader trailer manufacturer, particularly for the rotary manure spreader with front turbine, for which the F.lli Annovi company submitted the patent in 1964. The Annovi rotary manure spreader has been well appreciated by users over the years because of the following advantages: robust and high-quality components, reliability over the years, simple build, advantageous quality/cost ratio, use with various types of manure (sheep, cow, goat, horse and rabbit),  sludge from waste treatment,  compost, loam, waste from fruit and vegetable farming, even product spreading. It is produced in a wide range of models, starting from the smallest with a load capacity of 3 tons (for use in vineyards or orchards) up to 20 tons (for large farms and sub-contractors). It is operated via the tractor’s universal joint, both for the turbine and the conveyor activation. All machines can be type approved in accordance with the Italian highway code (through the additional type-approval kit which includes braking system, lights and registration documents).


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