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Vicon, 100 Years of Innovation
Being a high-profile specialist, Vicon offers dedicated products and services within forage harvesting equipment, seeding systems, fertiliser spreaders and sprayers. In the past 100 years the Vicon brand has introduced a constant stream of groundbreaking innovations and has a proud history of being first on the market with new concepts. Since the world wide success of early innovations like the ”finger wheel” rake and pendulum type fertilizer spreader, the distinctive Vicon logo has been known as a quality brand embracing a wide range of high performance equipment.

Contact the company

Kverneland Group Italia :: Vicon
Kverneland Group Italia - Via dell'Industria 22/A
46043 Castiglione delle Stiviere MN - Italy

Tel. 0376 944733
Fax 0376 944746


The story of Vicon starts in 1910 thanks to the initiative of a young farmer named Hermanus Vissers, who started working as a contractor in the Haarlemmermeer farm and began producing small machines useful for its activities.
After the war, during the first fair in Utrecht, Vicon introduces its improved version of a transplanter potato. Given the extraordinary success he decided to concentrate its activities on the production of agricultural equipment. In 1949 he acquired the global patent for stellar swath former, which had a very good success. In 1955 he moved to new premises in Nieuw-Vennep, which still remains productive headquarters. In 1958 Vicon acquires the rights of the pendulum fertilizer spreader by Louis Steffenino during the Fiera di Verona. Another great success.


In 1961 it was the turn of the beet. Then there were in 1963 a new model of digging machine and in 1966 the disc mower (each with two large knives). In 1978, Vicon acquires a small manufacturer of machinery for silage, which allowed him to extend its range. 1983 marks an important step for Vicon in Microelectronics appalicata to agricultural machinery. It was invented high-density giant square baler HP 1600, which was the first ever to be driven electro-hydraulically to produce high density bales (both hay silage).
In 1984 it was purchased new companies specializing in weed control. In 1989 he was introduced to the world the first round baler with the device of pre-cut knives, which set a new standard of quality for silage bales. In 1998 the Kverneland Group acquires Vicon.

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