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Baler - Bale Equipment - in Kverneland Group Ravenna with Tim Comer [HD]

video del 26 febbraio 2016 - visto 1.281 volte

In Kverneland Group Ravenna we met Tim Comer, Product Director - More info on: Take a look to Macgest and AgroNotizie on: ••• ••• ••• In this video: Tim Comer explains some news concerning technologies and innovation. See transcript below. Online you can find all the videos - previews and innovations, in the fields and during the greatest exhibitions in the world. Reportage by and - Farm equipment and tractors: you can find on the web technical sheets, images, videos. On you can compare models, visualize further information, get in contact with constructors. -- Soundtrack - Intro-outro: Brought Upright by GuitarsState via EnvatoMarket-AudioJungle TEXT OF THE INTERVIEW: During the last three years we've been developing innovative, new technologies which are really demanded in the market. We have some very strong and important new technologies presented recently and we'll be presented during 2016. An example is the FastBale: it is a non-stop baler wrapper combination featuring a fix chamber baler capable of working baling non stop and then wrapping the bales on the go. This is an important feature for high volume uses producing silage bales typically a contractor machine, innovative and very high productive technology. For example there will be a new fix chamber baler range introduced late in 2015, in the market for season 2016. This is a technology which is already proven on a variable chamber machin

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